MENA G-BoP Caravan


In 2010 GIZ, ENDEVA and MicroEnergy International developed the workshop »Energize-the-BoP - «E-BoP”. The interactive workshop aimed to provide participants with an overview of the market opportunities for inclusive energy products and services at the BoP by presenting insights from inclusive energy business models globally. The participants were then guided through an interactive business model generator that supports them to develop, discuss and improve their own business models.

Since 2010 MicroEnergy International has conducted the workshop numerous times across all continents. In October 2013, RIBH MENA and MicroEnergy International implemented the E-BoP in Cairo, in cooperation with the local consultancy »Ahead of the Curve«. Two innovations were the result of this particular workshop:

  • The content was complemented by a »train-the-trainer« approach leading to a more in-depth and  sustainable knowledge transfer
  • The important conclusion from the discussions that the legal and policy frameworks play a crucial role and influence on Inclusive Business Models in the MENA region.

Based on several studies on Green Finance Policies, MicroEnergy International is further adapting the E-BoP methodology by integrating lessons learned from different green policy frameworks and their influence on business models. The first workshop with the new design was successfully conducted during the International Business Forum in Istanbul in November 2013. Furthermore, the content is currently developed in order to include relevant technologies in the scope of climate mitigation and adaptation. The upgraded workshop is titled “Grening the Base of the Pyramid” – “G-BoP”.

Objectives and Workshop description

During the workshop, global experiences with Green & Inclusive Business Models are presented and discussed by taking into consideration their local policy context. The interactive business model generator developed for the E-BoP, here is complemented by a special itinerary, which enables a discussion on the impact, development and improvement of green and inclusive policy programmes. Private and public stakeholders mutually reflect on opportunities and threats for these business models in the local economic environment and policy framework.

The G-BoP workshop offers a forum to develop and align Green & Inclusive Business Models with existing policy programmes. It is conducted with 15-20 participants with different backgrounds. Entrepreneurs who are willing to share their ideas and thoughts with the other participants provide the basis to work intensively on an exemplary Green & Inclusive project or business. Start-up ideas and CSR projects of large corporation alike are very welcome. Participants with financial backgrounds, such as investors or microfinance practitioners as well as public sector representatives enrich the workshop. Researchers or development practitioners support with their knowledge and experiences the different working groups.


In the Caravan’s first leg, we will organize the G-BoP in Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan. In these countries RIBH MENA and MicroEnergy have established first partnerships that will facilitate a smooth launch after which the workshop can be extended across the whole MENA region. 



Country of Implementation

MENA region including Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia


GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung

GIZ Responsible & Inclusive Business Hub MENA (RIBH MENA)

Time Period

2013- Ongoing


Participants from private and public sector interested in Green Economy Development

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