We currently offer three different courses:

Moreover, we are always looking for new lecturers who can convey their hands-on experience and expertise to our students.

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Energy Entrepreneurship in Development Countries (EEDC)

The Inclusive EEDC course aims at introducing students to how entrepreneurship can create positive impacts and value for low-income communities with clean energy technologies.

The course is a learning platform for students with business and/or technical knowledge and interest to start energy-related businesses. It is about generating ideas, developing skills and learning tools to plan a viable business idea and to foster energy access in the Global South. During the program, the participants will have the opportunity to create their own draft of a business plan for energy supply based on adapted energy technologies. For the course syllabus please click here.

Type Course for students
Usual target Groups Graduate students
Duration range 4+ month
Previous Experiences Course at TU Berlin El Gouna branch
Learning Outcomes Understand energy access and economic development; business models; business strategy; start up development
Usual Number of Participants 12 – 20


Energy Entrepreneurship and Rural Electrification (EERE)

EERE enables participants to turn their start-up ideas into business models and plans for the decentralized energy sectors of developing and low-income markets. Its main sessions focus on useful tools and thinking processes such as idea spotting, design thinking, business model development, lean canvas, start-up team development, sustainable finances, legal issues, risk management, and funding. The course also showcases case studies and successful local and international examples.

Type Course for students
Usual target Groups Graduate students
Duration range 1-2 weeks crash course
Previous Experiences Annual course at TU Berlin since 2005
Learning Outcomes Entrepreneurship; business tools; business plan; energy solutions; green business; business models; start up development
Usual Number of
12 – 20

Climate Finance / Green Microfinance

Introductory Course on Climate Finance / Green Microfinance

From the wide range of type of trainings, MicroEnergy International offers an online course on Climate Finance and Green Microfinance.

MEI developed four chapters as part of a course for the Renewables Academy (RENAC) in Berlin. The course was designed for officials/ interested parties from several developing countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador), based on our broad knowledge and vast experience in the field. For further information click here.

Type Online Course (delivered through RENAC)
Usual target group Students or practitioners in the fields of Law, economy, science, political science
Duration range 8 weeks
Learning Outcomes Paris Agreement, Kyoto Protocol, Clean Development Mechanism, Joint Implementation, development financial institutions, multilateral development banks, concessionary loans, green bonds, green microfinance, microinsurance