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European Microfinance Platform’s Action Group on Microfinance and Environment




In February 2013, MicroEnergy International initiated the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP)’s Action Group on Microfinance and Environment. Led by MicroEnergy International and composed of e-MFP members such as ADA, PAMIGA, Entrepreneurs du Monde, GIZ and Cerise, the Action Group aims to produce a series of concrete publications and tools until the end of 2014:

-        Directory of actors in environmental microfinance: The online directory will act as a platform for organisations (microfinance institutions, investors, consulting companies, cleantech providers, etc) active in environmental microfinance to showcase their activities. As a result, the directory will enhance the overall visibility of this dynamic sector.

-        Environmental product catalogue for MFIs: it is composed of a series of fact-sheets describing different financial products that benefit the environment, MFIs and their customers. Some of these fact-sheets are already publicly available here (Fact Sheets).

     The Action Group will continue to release more fact-sheets in the coming months.

-        Collection of case-studies on environmental microfinance: this collection will gather best practices and lessons learned in the field of environmental microfinance with a showcase of concrete projects already implemented or under implementation.

-        Environmental Performance Assessment Tool: the Action Group is developing a series of criteria to assess the environmental performance of microfinance institutions. Based on existing scientific literature and observations on the ground, the assessment tool will enable investors to take informed financial decisions. It will be tested throughout 2014 by the microfinance network Cerise as part of its Social Performance Indicators. Moreover, the University Meets Microfinance Group plans to manage a scientific research competition on the environmental performance of microfinance institutions, which will further contribute to the development of assessment criteria. The results of both initiatives will be presented at the European Microfinance Week in 2014.

-        European Microfinance Award on Green Microfinance in November 2014: the Action Group will the e-MFP in preparation for the 5th European Microfinance Award, which will be dedicated to environmental microfinance.




MicroEnergy International is leading this Action Group on behalf of the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP), Europe’s largest network of microfinance practitioners. Members of the e-MFP are invited to create action groups on topics of interest to the network.


Press Review:

The e-MFP Spring 2013 Newsletter reports on the creation of the Action Group on Environment and Microfinance on page 6-7.