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MicroEnergy International Training, Workshop and Conference Offer

Systematic training and education in the field of decentralized energy supply is still in its infancy, with a strong disciplinary and technological focus and limited relevance for practical implementation. Therefore, MicroEnergy International has established its own training offer for different target groups, ranging from workshops and trainings for microfinance institutions, investors, manufacturers and entrepreneurs in the field of energy to courses and seminars for university students.


With the Energy Product-Service Systems (E-PSS) Toolset MEI has developed a comprehensive collection of design guidelines for E-PSS targeting manufacturers that wish to innovate and improve their products and services. For this purpose, MEI has adapted methodological approaches from the scientific PSS community to the specific requirements of rural electrification projects.

MEI has developed a method for on-the-job training and knowledge transfer for Energy Business Advisors (EBAs) and Technical Energy Advisors (TEAs) for its Energy Inclusion Initiative in the Philippines. The EBAs and TEAs support local microfinance institutions in developing and implementing energy loan products.

With the ME Exposure Program, MEI gives managers, practitioners and young professionals in the field of renewable energies and microfinance the opportunity to learn on the spot from successful Bangladeshi organizations such as Grameen Shakti and IDCOL, which represent best-practice examples in the field of microfinanced energy solutions. After the success of previous editions, MEI is organizing an ME Exposure Program running from 26th of April to  2nd of May.


The E-BoP Workshop (“Energize the Base of the Pyramid”) is an expert course format designed to enable energy service providers to improve their business models in close cooperation with MFIs to reach customers at the BoP. This workshop aims to further develop business models for emerging markets in the microfinance and energy sectors.

The Energizing Microfinance Workshop is designed for microfinance institutions willing to diversify their portfolio with renewable energy products, thereby reaching financial, social and environmental sustainability, also known as the triple bottom line approach.

Since 2005, MEI offers annually the two-week block course Energy Entrepreneurship and Rural Electrification (EERE) for students of the international Masters program Global Production Engineering (GPE) at the Berlin Institute of Technology (Technische Universität Berlin). This course focuses on the development of energy solutions for households and small businesses which are not connected to conventional energy infrastructures. It is an introduction into the concept of the microenergy sector as well as a comprehensive training for starting a business within it, with guest lectures by experts and practitioners in this area. Based on a short research phase, the potentials of different energy markets are analyzed. Teams of students develop their business plans for start-ups in the microenergy sector, usually for their home country.

Similarly, MicroEnergy International offers students who are researching on an issue related to microenergy to supervise their bachelor or master thesis.


MicroEnergy International organizes yearly scientific conferences on the topic of micro-perspectives for decentralized energy supplies. Previous conferences include:

  • MES Conference 2011 in Berlin, Germany
  • MES Conference 2013 in Berlin, Germany
  • MES Conference 2014 in UC Berkeley, USA
  • MES Conference 2015, in Bangalore, India
  • MES Conference 2016, in Medellin, Colombia