Microenergy International


The MicroEnergy Project was launched in 2001 as a research cooperation project between the Technical University of Berlin and the successful microenergy provider Grameen Shakti. In 2004, MicroEnergy International was then founded as a private company in order to implement the research results.


The mission of MicroEnergy International is the development of innovative solutions and strategies in order to enable fair and sustainable energy access for all, particularly:

  • The design of financial services for end-users and diverse supply chain actors in compliance with local and international financial instruments.
  • The development and implementation of sustainable business models which are embedded in an effective network of local and international partnerships.
  • The adaptation and accreditation of energy technologies with a special emphasis on technical services.
  • The systematic evaluation of lessons learned in the sector in order to feed them into a scientific research process, develop various education and qualification measures, and promote local and international policy framework development.


MicroEnergy International offers products and services through different fields of activity including consulting, engineering, investment & finance, training and scientific research. Furthermore MicroEnergy International supports the development and strengthening of the international community working in the field of microenergy finance in order to share lessons learned, optimize approaches and business plans and innovate technology and financial products. For this purpose, the MicroEnergy Quality Group organizes regular workshops and shares knowledge and experience on the microenergy wiki. Finally, MicroEnergy International promotes the importance of a fair and sustainable access to energy for all through the public relation activities of the MicroEnergy Society.

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