MicroEnergy Information System Platform

In January 2016, MEI initiated in partnership with CEFRIEL and Fraunhofer IPK the project “Micro Energy Information System Platform” (MEIS). The main objective is to further develop the MEIS, as a backbone for the operation, management and interconnection of micro-financed solar home systems (SHS), enabling a self-sustained networked bottom-up electrification of off-grid locations worldwide, using a smart internet-enabled hardware platform as basis.

Due to higher climate vulnerability and remoteness of rural areas in developing countries, centralized infrastructures are often inappropriate. Evolutionary stages of electrification are skipped in many markets. In this context in years of research, the MESUS was developed as a solution. MESUS is a smart charge controller for SHS that can be integrated with existing installations.

The project involves a pilot conducted by MEI’s spin-off in Bangladesh ME SOLshare.

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